We are the digital story tellers!

The term ‘digital’ is all-encompassing. Instead of offering individual digital services, we provide a comprehensive range designed to help you promote your message and target your product or service to your audience.


Feel has a collective experience of more than 30 years. We are fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest companies in the UK and lucky enough to work with small businesses who strive to become the biggest. Our business is built on a set of beliefs and values that we all share.


We aren’t interested in short term business relationships, we want to work alongside like-minded, enthusiastic people who genuinely want to grow their business. Our clients work with us to constantly improve our service. We do this by asking them how we are doing.

Our focus is to ensure we know how you are feeling. Are you happy with our work and Feel as a team? Have we done everything we can to support you and do you feel that you can be honest with us when we have either done something great or not so great?


We aren’t the cheapest, we don’t have the fanciest offices and at some point in our relationship we will probably make a mistake, but you can be sure of something – we will always be there for you.

Discovery & Strategy

Before starting any digital project the main focus should be discovery and strategy. Creating the best design or campaign, or really understanding what your audience is doing, means that we need to spend time with you and time understanding the landscape. Our aim is to create an experience – whether this is via a website, through product branding, or by the written word. To create any experience, we need to know what interests and excites that end user.


Our first discovery sessions start with you. There is no better source of information on the industry, users and trends than you. These sessions are not only beneficial to the work, but also in starting to build a relationship between us both. We want to get to know your focus, objectives and equally your passions.


What are the values of the business, why do you do business and where do you want to be in three years’ time? The answers to these questions provide us with so much more relevant insight than simply – we want to increase our conversion rate by 5%.


We use discovery sessions for a range of digital services, including audits, training, project management assistance, content strategies and a whole lot more. We call these discovery and strategy sessions – we really mean open and honest conversations about you and your business goals.



Design & Delivery

We don’t believe that great design is something that looks on trend and fancy. Great design is a well thought out layout or structure that encourages the user to carry out an action. This may be to read content, click a button, complete a form or buy something.


Design impacts so many aspects of your business – branding, logo design, product creation, infographic, web design, etc. However, we also need to remember that all these things create a larger experience. Whether this is a prospect reading a promotion flyer or a user looking to purchase an item, they are all part of an experience. Our designers place a major focus on creating a quality user experience.


Once we have a design, it’s over to the tech guys. Turning a great design into something functional that works across a range of devices is the next step.

UX & Conversion Optimisation

No matter how well you think your website performs, there is always opportunity for improvement. Making sure your website conversions are properly optimised, analysed and constantly improved upon is the difference between an adequate website and a successful website.


At Feel, we’re all ruthless in our approach to perfection. Most digital campaigns comprise thousands of moving parts, and through the use of our extensive range of analysis tools, such as video tracking, A/B testing software, Google Analytics and others, we can quickly see whether there are issues in any part of the user journey.


We can’t stress the importance of this highly enough. This is a task that needs to be looked at before any marketing investment commences. Let’s break it down into an easy to understand example – if 2% of your users enquire, and you start pumping cash into generating more visitors, your website will still only convert 2%.


If we can increase your conversion rate to 4%, you will then generate double the number of enquiries without having to increase your traffic.


This fact is often overlooked. We sit down with many clients who have an SEO budget and a brief to increase traffic. And very often, these clients are completely switched off by the idea of trying to increase the conversion rates. Don’t be a fool, spend your budget wisely.




If you are serious about driving your business forward, you really cannot overlook the importance of digital marketing. With a range of services at our disposal, we first create a marketing strategy based on how we will interact with your users. The online space is now extremely crowded and with users conditioned in a way where their attention spans are limited. Therefore, ensuring your message targets the right people is crucial.


Your digital strategy will be focused on your business goals. What are you trying to achieve? It may be to concentrate on increasing brand awareness, dominating a local area, or simply to generate a 10% increase in sales.


This is a very exciting phase for any business. Getting your products and services in front of the masses is a major achievement in itself. There are hundreds of marketing channels to choose from. We often have a conversation with a client who either believes Facebook is the way to go, or SEO, or perhaps an email campaign. Don’t rush into this! Let’s work together to establish which is the best, most cost effective, channel for you.