Do you want more traffic to your website? Do you want this traffic to be more relevant and likely to convert? If you do, then looking into long-tail key phrases is something you need to take advantage of. Every day, Feel’s SEO experts help clients choose the right keywords for their website. So, if you’re new to Search Engine Optimisation, here are some things to consider when trying to find keywords that people ACTUALLY use.

Why Should You Care?

Simply put, it’s a great way of driving more relevant traffic to your website! So, while your competitors are busy fighting over ultra-competitive phrases that are more than likely generic, you can pick up rankings for phrases people use and are more likely to convert.

What Do We Mean?

Let us explain. Long-tail phrases are key phrases that are more specific to the searcher’s intent. Let’s say you’re a car dealership and you want to be found for “Cars”, this makes sense – you sell cars and it’s probably one of the most searched for terms. Let’s also say you were page 1 for this phrase and you were getting visits to the website, do you think you would get more leads? Probably not. Why not, we hear you ask? It’s all about search intent. Visitors could be looking for everything from “car blogs” to “best cars” or “what car has the biggest boot?” What if you’re a dealership that only sells one manufacturer? Maybe someone is looking for an Audi, but you only sell BMWs.

At this point you’re possibly wondering where we’re going with this. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon enough and you’ll be asking yourself why you never thought about your keywords like this before!

Now that you understand why choosing a broad term like “Cars” might seem like a good idea, in reality it’s not likely to get you more relevant leads, which is what you really want. After all, being page 1 for a particular search term is great, but it only becomes valuable if you’re getting solid leads that have a chance of converting, otherwise it’s like having a shop on the high street, getting a load of customers looking at the shop window and not buying anything.

How Do I Choose the Right Long-Tail Keywords?

So we’ve worked out that targeting “Car” is too generic. If that’s the case, what keywords should you choose? Some people will type in the make and brand, even the location. Others may search for the make, brand, condition (new or used) and the location.

Our key point is that the searcher is becoming more specific with what they’re searching for, which means if you have a page specifically for this, you stand a much better chance of converting them.

Here’s An Example

You’re looking for a car and you type in “BMW 3 Series Manchester”. I would expect search engines to return websites selling BMW cars in Manchester. What if all these dealerships sell new cars, but I’m looking for a used one? Let’s type in “Used BMW 3 Series Manchester”. Each time you’re becoming more specific in your search, and by the end you should have a list of websites that are relevant to your search phrase. Even though it might be 4, 5, even 6 words long, a long-tailed key phrase is going to provide me with more relevant results.

So There You Have It… Hopefully this gives you an insight into the level of detail Feel Digital and other companies need to go to make your brand successful online.

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