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“Feel have been integral to our marketing team, offering expert support and advice when we needed it most”


Genna Lenden, Marketing Manager

Peel Group

training, digital consultancy

Feel Digital support the wider Peel group in a range of projects and initiatives. Over the past 12 months we have built up a number of relationships with different divisions within the Peel Group and have now started working in a consultancy role to advise and support the team on new website builds, implementing digital processes and supporting other digital relationships.


We managed the social restructure of the entire Peel Group and have also provided social marketing training to various divisions, assisting them with outreach and social sales tactics.


As with all our clients, our number one goal is to build up a relationship and a level of trust. After 12 months we have now started to work with other divisions, such as EventCity on their SEO campaign.

“Feel supported us throughout the website rebuild, and have given us huge insight into our customer base and the industry”


Lauren Lomas, Marketing Manager

Event City

seo, content creation, social

EventCity was in the process of relaunching their brand and amending their offering. The whole focus concentrated around the B2C sector, but the organisation wanted to shift this to focus more around conferences and general B2B offerings. As the website was being redeveloped, we carried out an extensive discovery and research phase into their audience,
how they interacted with the rest of the event space industry and their overall objectives when researching for business event space.


After carrying out in-depth persona research, we were able to identify several different user profiles and from this we could then carry out our competitor and keyword analysis.


This initial phase was led by a team of copywriters who rewrote the website copy. EventCity’s offering has changed, in that they focus very heavily on their CSR responsibilities. This redevelopment for EventCity highlights their commitment in this area.


We didn’t want to just carry out general research to figure out high volumes. We wanted to try to find an avenue that would suit EventCity’s goals. By listening to them and understanding their objectives, we were able to shape our strategy to ensure our alignment when delivering projects.


Feel are now managing the SEO, content and social strategy and campaigns for EventCity

“Our relationship with Feel is just what we wanted from a digital partner”


Mike Westwell, Operations Director

Fresh Mist

seo, conversion rate optimisation, email marketing

Fresh Mist is supplier and manufacturer of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and other vaping equipment. Feel started working with Fresh Mist to manage their website design and development. The main focus of the work was to increase conversion rates though user experience and conversion optimisation. Over the past 12 months we have managed everything from server migration, till system integration to the implementation of additional e-commerce functionality, all with a view of making the buying experience a better one for their audience.


Over the past nine months we have increased the average order value by 10%, and increased conversion rates from 3.5% to 5.5%. We have implemented various techniques to achieve this and have been clear and deliberate in everything we have done. The relationship with Fresh Mist has been very tight and is now considered to be an extension of their management team.


We believe in total transparency with all our clients. After approximately six months of working with Fresh Mist, we discovered several anomalies in their website traffic, including huge spikes and huge drops within days. We performed a very detailed analysis into the traffic and identified major problems with the current SEO provider and the quality of traffic being sent to the website.


We now manage the entire SEO campaign for Fresh Mist and report total clarity. We have removed the entire fake traffic and referral problems and performed an in-depth off-page link building audit. Having identified and removed a number of toxic links and cleaned up the website to ensure it was free from errors, we are now focusing on a major content campaign.

“We have partnered with Feel with some huge plans from the outset. The support and expertise we have received so far is amazing. Planning and building three new websites is a big task, but somehow everything feels very manageable, enjoyable and exciting.”


Genna Lenden, Digital Marketing Manager

Lowry Outlets, Gloucester Quays, Lifestyle Outlets

website design, build, consultancy, project management

We were delighted to win the Lifestyle Outlets project. Working with such a high-profile brand over a long period of time to help them push their business forwards is an incredible achievement for any agency. Over the past six months we have spent time with Lifestyle Outlets helping them understand how they can use Social Marketing to appeal to large brands such as Hugo Boss and Ted Baker. The Lifestyle Outlets team is tasked with attracting new brands into shopping centres. From this, we started to understand that there is a far larger task at hand.


Over the next 12 months we will be designing and building a new B2B website for Lifestyle Outlets and working on the existing B2C (Lowry & Gloucester) website to increase brand awareness, content and conversion rates.


The websites are currently performing exceptionally well. Therefore, we need to identify how we can improve upon these already established brands. Firstly, we are spending a lot of time with the wider team and getting everyone involved in open Discovery sessions. The team have a unique knowledge of their client base and brands and our role is to articulate this information into a digital experience.


It is a huge privilege to work with the Lifestyle Outlets team and we are excited to see how our collaboration over the next 12 months progresses.

“We didn’t just want to tell people we are another recruitment business. The guys at Feel really helped us think about and explain our services and what we did in a completely different way.”


Andy Hibbert, Director


web design, custom development, user experience, content creation

The iSupply website design and build has been incredibly fun and interesting to work on. The guys at iSupply had more of a vision than just providing a bunch of services. They allowed us complete creative freedom to design and build a website which we felt would work well. As iSupply didn’t want to say, “We are a recruitment business,” we were able to completely turn their offering on its head.


After a number of discovery sessions, we started to understand exactly what iSupply did and what they did well. Over the years they have implemented a number of systems, initiatives and processes to help people find employment and continue in these roles. Their retention rates, client lifespans and number of vacancies filled speak for themselves, and simply support why iSupply do what they do.


Focusing on the user experience and ensuring we created a journey that was simple and direct for a variety of individual personas, we used specific content placement to guarantee each end user was satisfied.


As with all our new clients, we are now working with the iSupply group to promote their brand. One of the initial ways to do this is by implementing video tracking, and A/B testing software. A website is never finished after it goes live, it’s work is only just beginning. We will monitor the activity of each website user and implement changes to maintain this activity and increase conversions.

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