How did we help?
  • The new website was designed and built in 6 weeks.
  • A clear journey was set out for the company and the user.
  • Traffic and enquires skyrocketed in the first 3 months.

132% Increase

in organic search engine traffic.

6k to 14k Visitors

to the new site in 6 months.

379 Leads

in the first 6 months of going live.

Key Aims
roi icon

Deliver a better ROI through more qualified leads.

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Improve organic visibility & performance

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Create a clear message and journey for site visitors.

The Results

Both us and Hill Brothers couldn’t be any happier with the progress achieved.

A quite substantial increase in traffic and conversions attained in addition to the proportion of qualified leads has increased through both marketing channels used. This demonstrates that not only did we improve activities on different marketing channels and propositions, but we have improved how we get the visitor to convert through engaging them more via the content on the new website.

From an SEO point of view, we saw a massive improvement in organic rankings for key search criteria and target areas.


increase in return on investment from qualified leads obtained through the website.


increase in new visitors from organic, 230% increase in returning organic.


increased visitor engagement throughout the website.