It isn’t a coincidence that every client suffers the same problems.

Not enough traffic, no sales, don’t understand what is going on!

Have you in the past 2 years in generating new business?

Do you feel you operate month to month in feast or famine?

Have you tried certain marketing tactics but you don’t feel they have worked well?

If any of these are true for you, please don’t worry. There are things you can do to change this all around.

Take positive action today!
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    Are you active with your marketing? Or are you standing still with everyone else flying past you?

    Too many companies try a type of marketing without really knowing if it will work. Don't waste any more money or time guessing.

    Let's break this down into a simple process in what you need to do.

    Drive Traffic

    Are the people coming through your door the right people?

    There is no point spending time and money on bringing the wrong person to your website.

    Visits into Sales

    The last 4 clients we have worked with had a conversion rate of less than 0.3%!

    With a few simple changes we were able to increase their sales x3 within 3 months.

    Being consistent

    This is one of the most important elements to marketing. Don’t get caught up in the feast or famine approach.

    Be consistent to constantly be generating enquiries and sales.

    We can help you navigate all the questions and issues and get down to marketing that works for your customers

    A simple way of understanding it.

    Look at our business for example. No-one wants to buy SEO services, content writing services or marketing… They want growth, They want sales, They want profits

    The service isn’t important, the outcome is what sells. We work with businesses to change their thought process to start nurturing their customers and audience to properly understand their pain points and then position the business to be the solution.

    Some proof we know what we are doing

    Client results in the past 12 months

    57:1 Return on Investment
    • £1.6m in revenue in 6 months
    • 319 enquiries via search marketing
    • 500k value of one single enquiry
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    2,422% Increase in Revenue
    • £340k in revenue generated in the 1st year
    • 97% increase in overall conversion rate
    • 1,728% boost in organic search revenue
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    62.5% increase in turnover after 12 months.
    • 21:1 turnover ROI in the first 12 months
    • £250k in revenue added to bottom line
    • 1532% increase in organic search traffic
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    What Our Clients Think

    The team at Feel Digital, I cannot recommend them highly enough! They are professional, knowledgeable, honest, reliable and are clearly experts in their field. They are passionate about the services they offer and their energy and enthusiasm comes across in the fantastic service they deliver.

    Denise Courtney

    Courtney Associates, Director

    We have worked with Feel for over 12 months on multiple digital marketing strategies. Really happy with results and how easy the guys are to work with.

    Iain McCall

    4D Products, Director

    I worked with Feel for over 2 years and was very impressed. This was the first time that I had tried digital advertising and was a little unsure at first. However after only a day or so the leads started flowing in. Highly recommend.

    Mike Hough

    Claim Back Tack / Huoomi Financial Services Limited, Managing Director