A key marketing strategy for today’s brands. Whatever device people are using to search and wherever they’re searching from, we’ll help maximise your budget for cost-effective conversions.

Platforms We Utilise

Google Ads
Bing Ads

People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase and increase brand awareness by 80%.

So, what is paid search? It’s exactly what it sounds like. You pay for an advert on a search engine and only pay when someone sees it and clicks it. Pay-per-click marketing or PPC, is a great way to drive traffic to your website for your products and services in a much quicker timescale than more organic methods.

At Feel Digital, we use effective PPC strategies to target customers looking for what you can offer that will ultimately generate higher quality leads at a lower cost. And because no two businesses are the same, all of our campaigns are completely tailored to you.

Using multi-channel strategies, we’ll get your ads in front of the right people at the right time, ensuring you have optimum supporting content on your landing pages, as well as continuous split A/B testing.

The Platforms

More effective audience targeting

Search Ads

Quite often it can be a more gradual process for your website to be found using organic search methods. That’s where paid search marketing comes in.

By identifying specific search criteria and using the right language for your audience, our qualified PPC experts can make you appear at the top of the results, connecting your services and products to active searchers more instantly and more effectively.

Display Network Ads

Utilising text, images, video content or a combination of all three, your brand can be easily spread across a massive range of news websites, blogs, video channels and other types of website on the internet.

With relevant targeting to a specific audience that’s been thoroughly researched, our experienced team will place your ads at the right time to the right people, providing maximum ROI. Perfect for seasonal campaigns.

Shopping Ads

There are so many ways now for people to find the products they’re looking for, why not take advantage of that?

Google’s shopping platform offers you the chance to get your products directly in front of consumers whenever and wherever they’re searching from. Not only that, Google have just made it free to list your products, making it even more cost effective.


Make your brand difficult to forget with potential customers with a marketing strategy that enables you to stay connected to people who’ve visited your website previously.

By cleverly placing your ads in front of people that visited your website, you’ll be able to keep your products or services at the forefront of their minds, continuously re-engaging with your audience and encouraging them along the path to purchase.


Advertising on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can build engagement and loyalty, as well as pushing your product.

We’ll drill down into the demographics and interests of social users, so you can effectively target the right audience for the best ROI in a more versatile and cost-effective way than other forms of paid search.

Why choose feel digital

Industry Recognised Work

Award Nominated

Our work for PPC campaigns has been nominated for prestigious awards.

g-plus icon
Google Partner

All work is completed in-house by a team that’s Google certified.

ab-testing icon
A/B Testing

We’ll continuously test to get the best out of your ads and landing pages.

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ROI Focused

Conversions are great, but we don’t stop there. We measure profitability for all clients.

Fixed Fees

Our fees are based on the size of and the time we need to spend on a campaign.

wide-team-skills icon
Wide Team Skillset

Our PPC team work closely with cross-agency teams to create the best strategies.

Why Use Paid Search

Key Advantages of Paid Search


If it’s done right and budget is spent wisely, it can increase profitability.

Highly Measurable Results

Pretty much every aspect of your PPC campaign can be measured.

More Focused Targeting

Geo-target and reach specific audiences more easily using paid search.

Instant Visibility

Your ads can start showing within 24 hours of going live.

Algorithm Updates
Algorithm Updates

Paid search campaigns aren’t dependant on constant changes to Googles algorithm.

Varied Content

Use different types of content to reach people who digest information in different ways.


What Our Clients Think

I worked with Feel for over 2 years and was very impressed. This was the first time that I had tried digital advertising and was a little unsure at first. However after only a day or so the leads started flowing in. Highly recommend.

Mike Hough

Claim Back Tack / Huoomi Financial Services Limited, Managing Director

We have worked with Feel for over 12 months on multiple digital marketing strategies. Really happy with results and how easy the guys are to work with.

Iain McCall

4D Products, Director

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