If you want to be a part of customers conversations, you need to connect with a wider audience by transforming your social media presence

More than half of the world uses social media with 43% of people researching products via social networks.

Social media’s impact on the way companies communicate with their customers has been huge. The rewards of managing your social accounts correctly can be immense. With people spending nearly two hours of their time every day scrolling and interacting on social media sites, which has increased by 43% due to the impact of COVID-19, it offers a whole new level of potential advertising for businesses and a chance to target a large proportion of the UK population.

Businesses can’t afford to ignore social media marketing anymore. Leaving your social channels neglected means ignoring potential as well as existing customers.

A Meaningful Impact

Stand Out from the Crowd

Engaging Content

Likes, shares, clicks. The content you produce and use on social platforms is what helps who you are and what you do stand out from the crowd. Engaging content means that it appeals to people, interests them and makes them more aware you.

Utilising different types of content, hashtags and in-depth knowledge of your target audience, you can grow your brand and engage more effectively.

Creating Value

Sharing valuable content to a large amount of people helps to create brand loyalty. If you’re able to give your audience something that helps them, resonates with them on a regular basis, people will keep looking out for what’s coming next.

It doesn’t have to be free products; it can be advice, an infographic an experience. As long as you’re trying to connect and engage with what you potential audience wants, the more people will follow you, the more you will grow.

Tailored Audiences

Social media platforms have made how you target a specific audience so much easier in recent years and with the amount of data they collect, it should only get better.

By segmenting your potential target audience, based on the content your pushing, we’ll help to make sure the right people are seeing your posts and engaging with them how we want them to.


This type of marketing has never been better. Forget cold calling. LinkedIn marketing for example has revolutionised lead generation and the way we connect with potential customers we don’t know.

Creating meaningful connections and having meaningful conversations with potential customers, not just trying to sell them your service, will provide to more qualified leads.

Paid Social

Social media advertising can become a solid investment a business. With ad formats are evolving all the time, you can use different formats that are better suited to your goals.

Looking to tell a story? Want to show a range of products? From carousel ads that has use 10 interactive images to post boosts, paid social ads help you to reach a bigger audience than just the people who follow you.

Website CRO

It could be a tweak to headlines, repositioning of page elements. Just like we do with SEO and PPC campaigns, we want to help squeeze the most out of your pages to improve the amount of conversions you get from the traffic you obtain from social media.

Advantages of Social

Bridge The Gap Between You And Your Audience

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Build Trust

Having a consistent brand, sharing quality content and gaining reviews.

brand-awareness icon
Brand Awareness

Create interest and desire with your target audience on a regular basis.

influence -nurture icon
Influence & Nurture

Educate your audience through engaging content and covert their interest in you.

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Measure Engagement

We let the data lead our strategies, meaning we think before acting.

be-creative icon
Be Creative

Image, videos, blogs. Resonate and engage with multiple content formats.

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Don’t mislead. If you’re open and honest with your approach, people will respond to it.

Why Choose Us

A Passion and Desire to Help You

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We use data and market insight to show us the path.

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Creative Campaigns

Creative thinking tailored to your brand.

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Dedicated account manager available whenever you need them.

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Content Creation

You need the best content to be able to engage with your audience.

analytical-insight icon
Analytical Insight

Track and test to ensure your ads and posts perform and reach the right people.

Industry Recognised

Our work has been shortlisted for some prestigious award bodies.

Success Stories

Projects & Campaigns

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What Our Clients Think

We have worked with Feel for over 12 months on multiple digital marketing strategies. Really happy with results and how easy the guys are to work with.

Iain McCall

4D Products, Director

With the effects of Brexit at the start of the year, we were struggling. We tried everything to generate new business, but nothing materialised. After three months of working with Feel Digital on our LinkedIn marketing strategy, we have seen great results and are now regularly generating new business.

Emma Lafferty

Park Holland Mechanical Engineering, Office Manager

The team at Feel Digital, I cannot recommend them highly enough! They are professional, knowledgeable, honest, reliable and are clearly experts in their field. They are passionate about the services they offer and their energy and enthusiasm comes across in the fantastic service they deliver.

Denise Courtney

Courtney Associates, Director

I worked with Feel for over 2 years and was very impressed. This was the first time that I had tried digital advertising and was a little unsure at first. However after only a day or so the leads started flowing in. Highly recommend.

Mike Hough

Claim Back Tack / Huoomi Financial Services Limited, Managing Director